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The best Vietnamese restaurant in town, fast service, good food and good price. Will be back.

- Theon

Appetizers - Món Ăn Nhẹ

Soups - Súp

Egg & Rice Noodle Soup - Mì & Hủ Tiếu (Chicken Broth)

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup - Phở

Rice Platter - Cơm Dĩa

Stir Fry Rice Platter - Cơm Đĩa Xào

Fried Rice and Chow Mein - Cơm Chiên Và Mì Xào

Vermicelli - Bún (served with or without peanuts)

Roll Up with Rice Paper - Bánh Hỏi (Make your own rolls)

Stir Fry Platter - Đồ Xào

Vegetarian Dishes - Đồ Ăn Chay

Dessert - Tráng Miệng